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Baths and saunas

The steam ritual at the Premier Dnister Wellness Center contains cultural elements of different nations and presents a rewarding rest.

Bath complex includes:

  • Roman steam room 40-50°C
  • Finnish sauna 90°С
  • Bath waterfall
  • Cold plunge tub

The Roman steam room with humidity and moderate temperature conditions will allow your body to warm up gradually. The room is equipped with marble slabs heated from the inside.

The Finnish sauna is characterized with dry heat and high-temperature control. Due to the low humidity level, it is easier to stay in the steam room.

The cold plunge tub and bath waterfall give energy and refresh due to contrasting temperature changes.

A visit to the baths makes a body clean, improves health, and brings relaxation. Boosting metabolism results in weight balance. Due to the body’s reaction to high temperatures, the skin condition improves.


Working Hours:
24/7 (pre-order and additional payment required)

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