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The court refused to arrest the Dnister hotel

  • 19.09.2022

The decision on seizure of property was canceled, the request of the prosecutor's office was rejected.

On September 12, 2022, the decision of the Lviv Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the investigating judge to seize the property of the Dnister Hotel and rejected the request of the prosecutor's office.

The basis for the court's decision was the lack of evidence regarding any ownership or connections of the hotel with russian citizens or companies connected with the russian federation and the impartiality of the investigation.

The court ruling states that the arrest attempt was based on information from Internet publications, which is in no way confirmed by any official sources. In fact, these materials are nothing more than the assumptions of their authors, without direct evidence. Therefore, these publications cannot be used by the investigation and taken into account by the court.

We remind you that the shareholders of the "Dniester" hotel are citizens of the European Union. The owner of the hotels is the international group of companies FINANCIERE.

The shareholders of the FINANCIERE group of companies unconditionally condemn the military aggression of the russian federation, which began in 2014 in violation of all applicable principles of international law and values ​​of the democratic world.

From February 24, 2022, the Dniester hotel directed UAH 4,295,401.96 to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense forces, temporarily displaced persons, hospitals and doctors.