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Nordic walking

Combine recreational activities at a parkand comfortable stay at Premier Hotel Dnister!

Attend our training sessions to master a health-promoting Nordic walking technique at Ivan Franko Park!

Nordic walking:

  • involves approximately 90% of all body muscles;
  • improves heart and lung function;
  • helps improve posture as well as balance and coordination;
  • helps preventlung andrespiratory diseases;
  • training sessions for people of all ages;
  • outdoor sport for all seasons.

Structure of sessions:

  • warm-up:warm up exercises for joints, relaxed walk 300-500 m
  • Nordic walking techniquetime, speed, distance
  • cool-down: stretching exercises.
Sessions are conductedby a qualified instructor! 
Special walking polesare provided for the sessions. 

Training duration: 1.5 hours.
Price per session: 300 UAH / 1.5 hours.

Tel: +38 032 297 43 05